People who work here have found that in joining us that they have really found their calling. A great place to develop professionally but with a healthy work life balance that makes working here a pleasure, not a chore. Don’t just take our word for it; see how we’ve helped people to be ‘Amazing By Design’ and learn more about our new investment in yours and the teams professional development, with the Wills & Trusts Academy.

What makes us special?

What the team think

Team bloopers

What our employees love about working here

We know how very important it is for you to feel a deep connection with the company you work for. We understand that to really enjoy what you do, it’s got to be more about just earning money to pay the bills, it must have passion, understanding and a shared vision.   In a recent survey our employee feedback ranked us in the top quartile for having a meaningful purpose. Here, we’re not about dealing with faceless companies, it’s not just about the numbers, and it’s about making a real difference in the lives of the families with whom we work. Our purpose is: “We believe in building and protecting legacies for future generations, one family at a time”.

In addition to having a meaningful purpose, we also know that you value personal development and growth. We rank in the top quartile of companies for giving the opportunity to progress, to learn and to grow. We place a significant investment into your professional development, and that means real personal growth, not just in terms of growth in your professional role. Learn more about our Academy Programme and how we could help you grow.

We spend so much time working together, that a sense of friendship and fun within the team is almost more important than anything else. Can you imagine working somewhere where you didn’t like the people that you work with? Or somewhere that your team didn’t pull together to put the client first? We can all imagine that type of company, we may even have worked for some of them, and we know that it is a sad place to work. That’s why, as part of our recruitment process you will meet with some of your proposed team, to make sure, you, and we, are the right fit.

And lastly, we know that work is just one of many plates you spin. We believe in helping you maintain balance in your life. Amongst our most popular benefits is our long weekends; aiming to finish early on a Friday (at 2pm) so that you can focus on your family and your growth. We work so hard for our client’s families, but we never forget you have a family too. That’s why you’ll also never be asked to work over Christmas and New Year, we believe that’s valuable family time, and taking that time out means we can return full of energy and momentum.

We are always interested in talking with you – just drop us a line to Rachel Dow outlining the type of growth you are seeking, and we’ll get back to you.

And in return for being amazing, here’s how we are working hard to help you shine

Our Culture and Values

Acknowledged by the experts as “The Experts” and ranked in the top 1% of Financial Advisors worldwide*, we have a great reputation in our market. However, we want to be known as more than that – we are always seeking to make tomorrow better than today, and that means for our team as well as our clients.

We know you value being personally connected with the mission of where you work. Our employees already feel that because to create that special connection we take time out from the very beginning, to learn about you and how your “Why” intersects with ours – to make sure we can help you on your journey in life. We know when you are happy in life – we all benefit.

Secondly, we know that the key to your success is playing to your strengths. We will work with you to understand how you are motivated and where your strengths lie. We know that in using your strengths you will be at your happiest. We want people who are willing to step up, have a strong desire for making tomorrow better than today and want to do the right thing and put clients and colleagues first. This will come naturally as long as we make sure you are happy in what you do.

Thirdly, we never stop learning about our culture, so we can accurately describe it to others and hold on to our strengths as we grow. We mean a great deal to our clients, and they mean a great deal to us, and we can only maintain that relationship with staff that care too.

Our recruitment process is highly participative – not only enabling you to talk with people who work here – but also for them to feel that you are a good fit for us too.

We want to help you understand more about what doesn’t work here – here are some of the behaviours our team feel don’t fit: jealousy, apathy, laziness, negativity, and most importantly – being a fun sucker!

Fourthly (and finally), our team stay with us a long time, and they can only do that because we help them grow to be better members of the team, better husbands, better wives, better parents, better children, in fact just better people. One of the ways that we do this is through the Wills & Trusts Academy…. we don’t leave things to chance.

Our values are not just written on the wall, they are something that is a reality for our team every day, that span across where they work and how they live. They are values that only work if they resonate with you. If you’re all about you, and your progress up the ladder, you probably won’t fit in here. But if you’re about growing as a person, so that your career progresses as you grow, this is the place for you.

Our culture and values are framed by our three Prime Directives:

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Put the Client First
  • Make tomorrow better than today

If these three Prime Directives spark something within you and reflect how you work, or want to work, then we would love to talk to you about joining the team.

Source * MDRT, 16, USA


What’s in it for you?

We know that to be able to offer a great client experience, it starts with our employees. In addition to meaningful & challenging work paired with excellent development, we believe in doing things a little differently when it comes to your reward package. There’s all the serious stuff which you’d expect of a good employer to provide, like a great pension scheme, decent amounts of holiday, health insurance and those type of things. But we do like to go that extra mile, as I hope you will find out.

Simply put – many employers will struggle to match us. Our reward package is highly valued by our current employees and is something we can tell you more at interview – but also ask our employees when you meet them as part of your interview with us; once you get them started you won’t be able to keep them quiet.

Professional Development – The Wills & Trusts Academy

When the company started in 1992, it was easy to make sure everyone had the right training and the right attitudes. But as we grew, we knew we had to understand what made us different so that we could pass that on to everyone else who joined us. It is this uniqueness that forms the three Prime Directives of Doing the right thing, Putting the client first, and Making the future better than the past.

But how do we introduce this into the team as we grow? The answer is the Wills & Trusts Academy.

The Wills & Trusts Academy

The Academy has been designed to help all of our team (both old and new) grow in every area of their lives, as well as in their work lives here with us.

The Academy focuses on four areas:

  1. Culture

When you first join us, four of your first 8 days will be attending our Culture Workshops, along with other new or existing members of the team. To make sure we retain our culture every one of the team must attend these four days at least once a year.

In these workshops we will explore our companies ‘Why’ and look at how your personal ‘Why’ intersects with it. Don’t worry if you don’t think you have a ‘Why’, you probably do, you just haven’t verbalised it yet. In your workshops, we’ll help you find it, so that you have clarity in your life. We’ll also look at our Prime Directives, what they mean, and how you can implement them in the business.

  1. Communication

Life is about communication, and yet when was the last time you had a lesson about communication? If we are really to help our clients, and our colleagues, we must be able to really understand them, and them us. It is through the Communication Modules that you will learn about yourself, and about others, so that you can dramatically improve your ability to communicate with everyone.

  1. Wills & Trusts Tech

We are unique in the solutions that we provide to clients and their families. For some of our team, such as the Paraplanners, they must have a deep understanding of these technical arrangements. For others on the team, such as the Client Service Assistants they will need a broader overview rather than understanding the detailed legal arguments.

The Wills & Trusts Tech Modules allow the team to be up to speed on what they need to know. This is not just technical detail, but also how this fits with our clients, and the skills learnt in the communication modules.

  1. Qualifications

We want our team to be the best and most qualified team in the business. Depending on where you start and where you want to go we will develop a plan of action and give you the support you need to be successful. This is achieved through external technical trainers that we bring ‘in house’ as well as study groups and internal lectures delivered by the technical team.