We are a firm of Chartered Financial Advisers that specialises in three areas:

Estate planning

Like most people, you want your assets to be passed to your family both during your lifetime and following your death. You want to be sure your wealth goes to the right person at the right time. You will probably want to be sure that no one else gets their hands on it (the daughter-in-law from hell, for example). You will probably want to make sure that you pay no more tax than is reasonable, and in some cases you will want to avoid it completely.

Achieving this is what estate planning is all about, and it is what we do for our clients. Our existing clients tell us that we do it better than anyone else.

Investment management

Like most people, you want to earn more on your savings and investments. At the same time, you want to pay as little tax as possible. Most importantly of all, you probably want to minimise any risk that you take. It takes a great deal of time and effort to build your wealth, and you want to protect it for your future and for the future of your family.

This is what we do when we manage our clients’ investments. We actively manage your investments to produce the greatest returns for the lowest risk. Unlike many investment managers, we put a premium on making sure you know what is happening and why. All our clients say our programme of client education is like nothing they have ever experienced before, and it gives them more confidence than they have ever had before.

Pensions management

When you retire, if you haven’t already, you will want to make sure that your pension produces the most income possible, that the income will last for the rest of your life, and ideally increase every year. If anything happens to you, it is no doubt important to you that your spouse will get your pension in full.

We treat pensions like every investment we manage. Unlike most advisers, who only look at your pension once a year, we look at it every day, and we ask the question: how can we do better for you? It is this constant daily management that puts us ahead of any other pension manager.