Specialist legal advice and services for protecting your family’s wealth, ensuring every penny passes down to those you love.

An individual’s legacy is a significant thing, not just the wealth, but also the memories, values and traditions that come with it. For many families, these are the foundations upon which generation after generation is built.

Whether making your own succession plans or overseeing the estate of somebody close to you, it’s important to receive proper guidance and support. As a firm of licensed solicitors, focusing on wealth management and estate planning, we can provide more than financial advice. Our legal experts can ensure family assets remain protected, secure and respectfully passed down in a manner that is beneficial to those inheriting.

Will writing

Making a Will, with the help of our estate planning solicitors, ensures that your family can access every aspect of their inheritance in a structure befitting your wishes and best interests. We can also review your current Will to ensure it meets with changing legislation, or update your Will if your circumstances have changed, such as a marriage or divorce.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Even with a Will in place, if an individual loses mental capacity and is no longer able to make independent decisions, it can be difficult to ensure their express wishes will be faithfully carried out. We can help you appoint a Lasting Power of Attorney to legally make those decisions for you, minimising the potential financial and emotional implications should the worst happen.

Complex Trusts & Tax Planning

Setting up the right kind of Trust for future generations can be a complicated process, fraught with potential adverse tax consequences and frequent changes in legislation. Our estate planning solicitors can actively manage everything, taking care of setup, administration and litigation, advising on all matters regarding the growth, preservation and eventual passing of your estate.


If a loved one has recently passed away and you find yourself the executor of their estate, understanding the legal process and your responsibilities can be daunting, especially at such an emotionally impactful and challenging time. We can be there to provide as much or as little support as you need, taking the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on what really matters.

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